About us

The mission of our luxury lingerie brand is to create unique and high quality pieces designed in Montreal. We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident about themselves regardless of shape, size or gender identity.
We promote self-confidence by offering products that are designed to flatter and enhance a variety of body shapes and lifestyles. We believe that inclusiveness is essential and that everyone should have access to quality underwear that meets their specific needs. 
We create exclusive collections that reflect our commitment to sustainability, quality and style. We try to create an inclusive and welcoming community for all.
Founded in Montreal in 2020 by Lily-Rose Daigle, Lilunderwear has seen growing success in the luxury lingerie industry. Her associate and life partner Jean-Philippe Dupaul supported Lily-Rose in her entrepreneurial project. In this way, Lily realized her childhood dream of being a designer her own lingerie brand. jean-Philippe is therefore the marketing manager of Lilunderwear. 
Passion was the key element for the two young entrepreneurs to start this huge project. Lilunderwear has evolved greatly since its begginings! The brand now offers high-end lingerie products with remarkable quality while offering luxury at a good price. The brand has a huge visibility on the TikTok platform. This presence on social media allows Lilunderwear to create a link with its loyal customers. Since 2022, the company has been traveling throughout Quebec by creating Pop-Up Shop events in order to reach wider clientele. Size diversity is something Lilunderwear care about.
It is for this reason that the company is constantly evolving so that one day, everyone can wear Lilunderwear!

Lilunderwear on different bodies...