Requirements  for instagram : 

  • Have minimum 20K followers on Instagram
  • Have reals and interactives followers
  • Comfortable posting with the complete set of lingerie
  • Be able to post good quality & natural pictures

 Requirements  for TIKTOK :

  • Have minimum 30K followers on Tiktok
  • Have reals and interactives followers

 Benefits :

  • Get free products
  • Get a personalized 10% coupon code to use on your own sales, share with your followers, earn dollars for each sale made with your coupon code.
  • Be featured on our Instagram platform.




Please send us dm on our Instagram account :


** Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone into this program. If you want to make sure you are accepted, we recommend you start with our ambassador program at this link :
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Please note that the size can vary according to your personal comfort, style, and where you usually get your lingerie.